Thursday, October 13, 2011

WOW he ate the whole thing!

Stinker!!  I am so proud of him, my Pita ate ALL his breakfast!!  I made him a sunny side up egg that jiggled (Yes I am proud of that!! LOL) and when I brought it up to him this morning I said "Morning love, I have your breakfast"  He said "what is for breakfast?"  I said "I made you a sunny side up egg and a slice of toast!"  He said "oooohhhhh!"  I said "look it jiggles too, which means you can dip your toast in it!!"  He was thrilled.  It's the silly little things that we get excited about I guess!!  hahahaha

I left his breakfast, tea, Ensure and meds there for him and I just went up and the stinker ate the whole thing!!  YYYYAAAYYYY!!!!  He has love in his tummy and I am happy!!

Poor guy has lots of aches and pains all over his body because it's raining outside and I told him he should feel better in a little bit because I gave him his pain meds.  He just wants to sleep.  Rest up Pita!  Love ya!

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