Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Whoa what a day!

Ok I admit it...I had to go to welfare to ask for food stamps today and it wasn't so bad there.  I thought I was going to be there ALL DAY like normal but it only took about an hour.  The case worker that took my app was actually very understanding of Pita's health issues and our financial situation.  Unfortunately she thinks that the boys will be elegible for medicaid and our food stamps won't be much!  Okay so I wait to see what they approve me for if any at all!

When the boys got home from the B&GC today Pita was downstairs with the nurse and he looked exhausted.  the boys said hi Daddy and gave him a hug.  Finally he asked me if I had any lunch meat in the fridge and I got him some turkey and swiss from the store and made him a sandwich.  By the time it took me to make and bring him his sandwich he completely forgot he ever saw the boys and he asked to see them.  So I went in and reminded them that Daddy's mind doesn't work like it used to and asked them to go to him and say hi and give him a hug again!  After they left he asked me about all the other kids that are in the house.  I asked what kids and he said "all the other kids that are running around this house!"  I think he may be seeing kids from the other side.  I asked if his mother or grandmother have ever come to see him and he said 'no" and I said "well if they do, don't be afraid to talk to them, they want to see you"  My poor Pita is drifting further and further away from me and it's killing me to keep my game face on!

I hope he has a good night sleep and a better day tomorrow!  Love ya Pita, see ya in the AM!

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