Saturday, October 15, 2011

Today is the day we are celebrating Pita's 60th birthday.

Brought Pita his breakfast (egg McMuffin), his tea and meds and he was sleeping.  I looked over and he never took his meds last night and I asked if he was in any pain and he said "Nah, not too much."  I said "ok" and left the room.  Just another quiet morning for him.  He may have been up quite late and is just catching up in the sleep he didn't get overnight.  I think his sleeping pattern is all off and that's ok...he needs to be able to sleep when he wants and be awake when he wants too.  I hope that when he does wake up later today and everyone comes today for his birthday that he is able to be awake, stay awake and enjoy himself.

I know we didn't get a chance to celebrate your birthday Pita last Sunday when the party was originally planned because you were in the hospital last week but we're making up for your special day today.  Happy Birthday Pita....may you have a wonderful peaceful day!

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  1. HAve a great day. Did the boys make him a big card? I can only imagine LOL