Wednesday, October 12, 2011

no offense but.....

Ok it seems that I have offended someone with my nickname Pita for my husband.  Here is the thing...if you are offended by this then simply don't read or follow the blog, you have the option to just close this site.  This blog is not about what I refer to him as or how I will remember him, that's for ME to decide and live with!  It's about my daily struggles with caring for a dying cancer patient and how hard it can be on us as caretakers.  I want to share what I go through on a daily basis and hopefully let others know they aren't alone!  My relationship with my husband is comfortable enough in that we use this term of endearment for each other. 

If you think for one second that I don't love my Pita...WRONG!!  No one has a right to pass judgement on me, my words or my life until they are willing to come here and live my life for a few days.  My journey is about me helping the man I chose as my husband and life partner (til death do us part) live the rest of his days in comfort.  I have been referring to him as Pita for longer then the internet has been around and if you don't like it then you can choose to leave the blog and not follow it.  I am NOT changing 1 insy winsy word in MY BLOG, it's my space, my life, my feelings, my words, my journey!!!

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