Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I think he still loves me/hoping for a better day today!

This morning I went in to check on Pita and he was a sleepy head this morning so I just covered him up, tucked him in and left him sleeping.

I just got home from Target...had to go get the boys winter coats.  I just went up to check on Pita and he was laying there sleeping peacefully under his favorite blanket and I took 2 more blankets and put them over him and tucked him and he DIDN'T move!  So I rub his head and kiss him and still DIDN'T move!!  So I kiss him on the forehead and whisper "I love you" in his ear and he whispers back "I Love You Too!"  My Sleepy Head!!

I just smiled and left him sleeping!

The home health aid came yesterday and he was sleeping and she saw someone go into the bathroom before he got up to use it and when he got up to go she said "There is someone in there you may want to wait a minute Mr V." and he snaps at her "it's my house and I know if there is someone in my bathroom!!"  She said "but I just saw someone go in there, would you like me to check and see if it's clear for you?"  Again he snapped "This is MY HOUSE, I DON'T NEED ANYONE TO TELL ME IF MY BATHROOM IS CLEAR OR NOT, GOT IT MISSY!!"

So I go upstairs and see if I could help in some way and she explains what happened and then I go check on him and he is still going on about how it's his house and she doesn't have a right to tell him who is in or not in the bathroom.  OH GIVE IT A REST!!!!  I told him to just calm down and go back to bed which he did!!

Boy he can have quite a mean streak!!  I call him Mr. Happy!

Last night after I got home from the supermarket my sil P went up to use the bathroom and she stopped in to check on Pita before she came back down and she asked "how you feeling?"  He said "I want FOOD!"  She asks "what kind of food?"  He said "I don't know I have to talk with my wife!"  She comes down laughing and says "your husband needs to consult with you about his FOOD he wants!  I asked if he was ok and he said 'I want FOOD!' so he wants FOOD"  I send my son CJ up with french fries and chicken nuggets and at least he was happy.

I hope he has a better day today!

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