Friday, October 14, 2011

Got Pita a treat!

Tonight my sil Peggy treated me to dinner for my birthday at Longhorn restaurant and when Pita was healthier we used to go there and he would always order the White Cheddar Stuffed Mushrooms as an app and he would devour them in practically 1 bite!!  So I got an order of them to go for him as well as his requested Phil's Cheese Steak and when I got home tonight I put 2 of the mushrooms on a plate with 1/3 of the steak and he was so happy!!  His eyes lit up like silver dollars!!  I am going to give him 2 tomorrow with his roast beef sammy at his 60th birthday party!  He will enjoy that!

I hope he remembers to take his meds and I am NOT going up there to disturb his sleep to check and see if he did.  I know you're thinking "but how could you not, he NEEDS his meds!"  No, not necessarily!!  He needs his sleep and that's more important to me!  It's there if he decides to take them which I am sure he will.

Oh and for anyone that would like to leave a comment, you can now do so because I fixed the settings!  I'd love to hear from you.

Gotta finish his cupcakes for tomorrow.  I am making Vanilla Malt Cupcakes with Chocolate Malt Icing for his birthday because he LOVES malt!

Sleep well Pita....see ya in the AM!

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