Thursday, October 13, 2011

10/13/11 Happy Thursday.

Well I finally got Pita to eat something last night.  I brought him a small amount of chicken noodle soup, a few crackers and an Ensure.  I went up about an hour later and he was proud of himself that he ate and drank all his stuff.  I was proud of him also.  I took his plate and tucked him and told him I was going to see him later for his evening meds and he said "ok, g'nite Pita!"  I said "Good night my love, see ya soon!"

I went up about 2 hours later with his evening meds and that's when I heard the wrath of Pita!!  ROFL  I walked in quietly and said "Hey there, time for your meds!"  His response was "AGAIN, How much friggin medicine are you giving me?"  I told him "this is your evening medicine and if you want to take it later I can leave it.  If you wanna take it now I can help you."  He took it but questioned everything so I just explained what everything was and I told him "now I will get out of your face and you can sleep for the night!"  I hope he slept good because he hasn't had the greatest nights sleep!  Poor guy!!  I hate when I have insomnia and I could imagine what it is like for him when all he wants to do is sleep to help the pain!

I had to go out and clear out all the cigarette butts out of the filthy ash tray outside my house the other day because I caught him digging in it and grabbing all the butts and lighting them and smoking them.  So there are no more butts to smoke so what does he do....he asks the neighbors I CAN'T STAND if he can have a cigarette.  After he smoked that and went upstairs, I asked if they could NOT give him anymore cigarettes because he is stage 4 and he DOESN'T need them!  She understood but I hope she does NOT give him anymore.  If I have to put ALL my neighbors on notice to NOT give him anymore smokes I will do it in a heartbeat!!

I hope he has a good day today.

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