Friday, October 14, 2011


I went up to check on him a little bit ago and found that he hadn't eaten his breakfast or taken his meds.  He did drink a few sips of tea but nothing else.  I asked if he wanted to take his meds and he said "I thought I took them"  I said "Nope, they're right here.  If you don't want to take them, I will leave them.  If you do, I can get you some water."  He took them and said that all he wanted to do was sleep.  I smiled and told him "I hear ya, I want to sleep too haha"

I am sitting here waiting for his nurse to come and check him out.  I am also waiting for the Philadelphia Corporation for the Aging (PCA) to come and evaluate him for home care.  I wish I was 60 then I could get some home care too ROFL!!

His social worker called and said that the home health people haven't been approved by his insurance yet and they are waiting for approval.  Knowing my luck they will deny it because he already has a live in home health person here....ME!!  I will probably get a really nice letter from them saying "Um just do it your damn self!!"  FUCKERS!!  Always gotta be an insurance hold up!! Heaven forbid they just approve ALL care of a dying man!

Just went up to let him know that his nurse is on her way soon and he was watching tv.  He asked me to turn off the tv so he could go to sleep.  I wish she would have been here earlier so that we didn't have to go wake him up when she gets here.  Must be frustrating to have people waking you when all you wanna do is sleep!!

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