Tuesday, October 11, 2011

10/11/11 AM

This morning was peaceful for Pita.  I brought him his breakfast, tea and meds at 8:15 this morning and he refused them saying he just wanted to sleep.  I left everything in his room in case he got up and wanted them.  About an hour later I went up to go potty and he was rustling around so I went in to check on him and he got up to go to the bathroom.  He was there for over 15 minutes and when he got up he got angry at a towel because it had nothing on it.  I just chuckled and agreed!!  DAMN TOWEL!!  He went to his room and ate a little bit of the pancakes and drank his tea and took his meds.  He wanted me to find his tv remote so I did and I got him back in bed and he was resting comfortably when I went to the market for a few things.

The nurse that came yesterday told me that he is still "pre" hospice but with the way things are going I think he could be transitioning to full hospice care very soon.  I can't stand seeing this man who lived life being the foremost authority on EVERYTHING (in his mind) now sadly grasping for anything.  OMG I can't stand this anymore.  I'm walking around with a prepetual head ache that won't go away and I have cried so much my skin stings when I cry...I had no idea that the human eyes could hold so much water!

It was so painful to watch him this weekend slowly losing his mental capacity more and more every single day!  The boys are noticing that Daddy is slipping away and he isn't talking right so instead of them giving me a barrage of questions that I either couldn't understand or answer, I sat them down and told them.

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