Sunday, October 16, 2011

Quiet Sunday....

Today was a very quiet day for Pita.  I tried to have a lazy day but it didn't exactly work out that way...oh well!!  At least the basement is getting done.  Boy what a difference 2 weekends does!!  It should be about 2 more weeks then the basement will be just about done!  Once the basement is DONE then the rug can be ripped up and we can get rid of that and then maybe after the first of the year I can re-do the basement and it will look better!

I have to call Pita's dr tomorrow and talk to him.  Somethings I want him to know so we can make a better choice as far as treatment.  I wish this wasn't happening to my sweety.  I want him to get better but at the same time I know it won't get any better so I just want him to be comfy and peaceful.  Let's see what the dr says if I can talk to him tomorrow...I will have my notes ready!

Sleep well Pita, see ya in the morning!

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