Saturday, October 15, 2011

I had to share this.

I am sitting here with the boys and I am looking at the pics from the party today and CJ starts singing "Happy Birthday To You!" and we all started singing it together and finally CJ trailed off and stopped while I continued singing.  I got to the very end and CJ smiled and quietly said "and many more" then he said "I like that song!"

20 minutes ago he was curled up on the couch and he looked really sad.  I ask him if he wants to talk and he comes over and crawls in my arms and said "remember my plan about inventing the pliers and pulling the germs out of Daddy's body?  Well I have a long time before I go to college and I am afraid that I won't have time" and I said to him "honey I don't think it's your job or our job to get the germ out of Daddy's body because you aren't old enough yet and none of us know exactly how.  I don't want you walking around thinking it is your job.  I know you want get those germs out but we just can't and that really is the dr's job to find a way to get them out and even they can't.  I also don't want you thinking it's just your responsibility or job to do what you want to do.  I want you to concentrate on school, get a great education and when you grow up and find the cure for Daddy's germs then you can dedicate that cure to Daddy.  Everyone you cure you can tell them "this is for my Dad, I am curing you because I don't want you suffering like my Daddy did!  How does that sound?"  He said "good"  Then I asked if he wanted Ice Cream and he jumped up for him yummy treat!

This is killing me!!  That conversation took all of 5 minutes and I wanted to burst out in tears the entire time!!


  1. Wow--- perfectly handled.
    and you know what... CJ will always remember that.

  2. Thank you Bren! I tried my best.