Monday, October 10, 2011

10/10/11 Evening

Boy what a day!  Pita is now having BMs and either not wiping his bottom, he can't reach due to pain or he is not remembering he has to.  I had to clean him or a mess up a few times.  He is slowly slipping away from me and it's killing me inside to watch.

He was sitting on the couch tonight when the boys came down after their bath and he told them that they needed to get ready because tomorrow was a very important day.  I asked what was important about tomorrow and he said to me "tomorrow is 1 year of the World Trade Centers!"  I said "honey that was 10 years ago." and he had to process it in his mind and he said "I know that but it's 1 year since everyone died there!"

Thank goodness I was upstairs when he so kindly put the boys to bed for me.  I got him settled afterward and went to go check on the boys and their door was locked from the outside.

He ate nothing today but drank 1 ensure, some chocolate milk and water.

I understand that the dr's and nurses and social workers see him and think he isn't quite hospice ready just yet but I think that day is fastly approaching.

I hope tomorrow is a better day for him!

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