Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday morning blues!

Morning!  I just got the boys on the bus and took Pita his breakfast and he was awake but not ready to get out of bed.  I knelt down by his bed and started rubbing his back and he shoo'd me away saying he just wanted to sleep!  So I left a little disappointed but I just said "Yeah, ok, I know." and left!  I can't even show him affection without him getting angry at me sometimes.  I hate cancer so much!!

I immediately came down and tossed his uneaten dinner from last night...put his untaken meds away from last night and put a call in to his dr for him to call ME and talk to ME!  Something has to be done!  I may have to make the hardest decision I DON'T want to make.  Stop all active chemo treatments and put him on hospice care and see if he will start eating again!  Let's see what the dr says!

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  1. HAng in there, but you need to know all the options. Maybe a feeding tube would help give him some nutrients so he would have some energy?
    It might help him feel better about moving around the house and joining you for a little bit each day, downstairs.
    Just a thought.