Wednesday, October 26, 2011


 So I was putting the boys on the school bus today and before I did, I gave them their usual piece of chewing gum so as to save their clothing from being chewed to SHREDS!!!  I see the attendant telling them they can't have it so I go to the bus and she tells me it's a safety issue!  REALLY??  Gum on a school bus is a safety issue???? 

WOW not only do you learn something new everyday but you also learn something stupid everyday I guess!!

Needless to say you can't fight the system so I tell them to give me their gum and they are off on their way to school!

I bring Pita his tea and get him situated before he barks at me to get out (he does it all the time...LOL) then I go use the potty.  Now I am thinking about this gum on the bus!

My first thought was "How stupid, I mean really!  Why can't kids just be kids even with their sensory, behavioral and STIM issues!!????"

Then my mind really goes off on a tangent!!  "everyone is attempting to save the whales, save the kids, save the elephants, save this, save that!!  The ONLY thing that needs saving is the fucking people!!"

Now think about it for a second....

If people weren't out on the oceans harpooning the whales, they would be fine!

If people weren't so busy telling kids what they CAN'T do and how to live THEIR lives and shape THEIR essence, they'd be fine!

If people weren't killing elephants for their tusks, they'd be fine!

If people weren't busy slinging mud during elections, they's be fine, WE'D BE FINE!

If people weren't busy getting into EVERY aspect of EVERYTHING that is WRONG, everything would be FINE!!!

See what I mean!

Nothing needs saving but PEOPLE!!!

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