Thursday, October 13, 2011

I just have to say something!

My friends have you ever had a deep feeling that you "just have to say something!" or else you can't find peace and move on?  Well this is one of those times so please bear with me.

To R.

The last time I spoke to you was January 2nd 2011 and you were too busy chewing me out for not calling you then you were understanding that I have not 1 but 2 ADHD/Autistic 7 year olds that take up a very huge portion of my time so forgetting to "call" unnecessary folks is for me .... well .... necessary!!  Besides the fact that I did not have your phone number and your kids are all grown and the phone goes both ways.  I don't expect much from you because you never gave anyone in this family a reason to expect anything more from you!

Now on to why I am really writing this to you.  You found out that your brother was in Stage 4 of his cancer battle in early February because I know for a fact that you were told by both your sisters.  It's now October 13th and you have yet to pick up the phone to find out if he is ok, in pain, dead or alive.  WOW you must be really busy to simply forget your own only brother!  Your brother is so hurt by your failure to reach out that it kills me to see him so frustrated at you.  But no worries he has so many more family member that make up for your epic failure!

I want you to remember this....when you do finally remember that you have a brother and he is dying that it may just be too late.  I want you to ALWAYS remember that!  As a matter of fact I hope GOD himself heals you and gives you prosperous health for the rest of your existance so that you can live with the guilt that you NEVER once reached out to him when you had ample chances!!

So when your brother takes his final breath surrounded by those that love him more than the air we breath, forget he was your brother because he no longer is.  We have moved on but I just had to let you know where you stand in our life.  It's my duty to protect my Pita from scum like you and I am damn sure going to make sure you never again infect our life with your pitiful existance!  Oh and don't bother coming around after he is gone because you are NOT welcome in my home, my life or my kids lives!!  We want nothing to do with you....I teach my kids that if you hang with dogs, you end up with fleas!!  They don't need your fleas!

From this moment on I wish you good health and loads of guilt for a very long time!

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