Friday, October 14, 2011

worse then I thought

Got the boys on the bus and went in to make Pita his breakfast, tea and get his meds.  Took them up to him and when I opened the door...BOOM the smell hit me to the point that it almost knocked me over.  Attempting to hold my breath, I trudged through it and said "good morning sunshine, bad night?"  He just shook his head yeah and I said "well I have breakfast for you, another jiggly sunny side up egg with toast and I made you 2 sausage links, yummo.  Only I have to clean this up first"

I grabbed my rubber gloves and tried my best to clean it up and get it out of there so he wasn't smelling it all day.  Bagged it up and took it out to the hallway and went and washed my hands then went in and told him that I cleaned it so he wasn't smelling it all day.  He looks so sad and embarrassed but I don't think he could help this.  It really was a river all over the place and so bad that his clothes are going to have to go in the trash.  I don't even know what his bed looks like because he wouldn't let me check him in the bed.  I just left him there and came down to call for the nurse to come help him.  I hope she can get him up and showered and then I can change his sheets and put a bed pad down for him.

I hate cancer!

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