Friday, October 14, 2011

I won't do that to my kids!

I was visited by Phila Corp for the Aging (PCA) today so that I could sign my husband up for home health care as long as he qualified and we were talking and when she asked "is your husband's name on the deed?" I had to stop her in her tracks and ask a question "does it make a difference if his name is on the deed?" and she said "Yes, the state runs a state recovery program" 

I said "well that's ok because his name is not on the deed so we should be fine right?"  She said "Not exactly."  She looked through some forms and what she said to me was SHOCKING to say the least!

She said that as his spouse, the lean would still be put on my house and the state wouldn't bother me as long as I lived in the house until the time of my death.  At which time the kids would be held responsible to pay back the state through the state recovery program.

I said "so what you're saying is, my kids will be punished financially because their father died from cancer and the state came in and took care of him?"  And you also want me to sign them into debt to the state?????  OH HELL NO!!!!!!!"

She said "well the boys would be able to file a hardship claim at that time depending on their functional level at that time and possibly get approved"

I told her that "my kids were indeed Autistic but they were high functioning and would probably get turned down for the hardship claim because they are going to school and they WILL go to college and they WILL get a good education and they WILL get jobs and CHANGE THE WORLD!  And you want me to punish them by leaving a financial burdon to pay back the state for their father's death?????  That is wrong on so many levels I can't even begin to tell you!!  I think we need to stop right here and I won't waste anymore of your time because I DAMN SURE won't do that to my precious beautiful boys!!"

So much for state help huh?

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