Friday, October 21, 2011

My day so far...

Woke up at 6:05am and attempted to go back to bed with no luck!  Heard a loud THUD and CRASH at 6:15am and FLEW up the steps.  Checked the boys and they were fine!  Turned and looked down the hall and the house was still dark.  Walked down the hall toward Pita's bedroom and turned on the hall light then the bathroom light and looked in his room and the bathroom and that's where I found him laying half in and half out of the bathtub.  I immediately helped him up and he yelled at me a few times "I'm ok and I can get myself out of here" stuff like that but I insisted on helping him out because he obviously wasn't able to get himself out of there himself. 

As I was lifting him he was wimpering "Mommy, I can't, Mommy, I'm ok, Mommy I can't even go to the bathroom myself."  I hugged him and kissed his head and he finally went to the bathroom and then I got him in bed and he asked for a cup of tea.  I went downstairs and called the nurse.  They said they are going to send someone out to check for further injuries.  Made him his tea and brought it to him with his meds and Ensure.  Got the boys up and fed, dressed and out and I finally was able to get my shower. 

That's when I saw the damage to my shower.  There are now cracks in the walls that need to be fixed or the walls need to be replaced.  There is a huge crack over the shower head because the shower curtain rod came crashing down and it's force tried to take the wall with it.  All I have to say is THANK GOD it wasn't a tile tub and shower or he would have been a bloldy mess!!  He most certainly would have obtained more injuries then he did!!

Took my shower as best I could trying to not get water everywhere which is almost impossible to do, checked on Pita once more and he is ok.  I am now waiting for my pants to dry in the dryer so I can take a quick run to the bank so that I can get some cash for a space heater, 2 new ceiling fans with light fixtures and a night light for Pita!!

I hope there is NOT a head injury!

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