Saturday, October 29, 2011

NEVER been more scared in my life!

Ok I had a MAJOR scary moment today.  After hearing of the passing of my younger brother (R.I.P. Domenick) I had a very bad, emotional and quite jumpy day!  So about 6 pm I went up to check on Pita and I saw his blankets slumped over the side of the bed and it really looked like he was tangled up in the blankets.  I started calling his name and I got no answer and I was completely afraid to touch what I thought was him!  I called his name again, only this time a little louder and still I got nothing.  So now I am completely PANIC STRICKEN and I SCREAM his name and I heard him scream "WHAT!" back at me and I fly into the bathroom and he is sitting on the throne!!  My heart was beating SO HARD that I could hardly talk and I grabbed him and apologized for screaming for him and grabbed him and hugged him!!

I am not so sure if I can do this!  I was like a MAD WOMAN when I saw those blankets slumped over the side of his bed and it really looked like he was gone.  I was so shaken to my core that I could hardly walk!

After calming down enough to walk down the steps I sat at my dining room table and said to myself "Dear Lord before you take him, give me a few days to wrap my head around the loss of my brother.  PLEASE, 1 death at a time!!!"

So unfortunately my Cousin Jim and the rest of the family had to cancel for today due to the weather.  It's ONLY October 29th and it was snowing.  It was snowing so bad where Jim is from, it would have been too dangerous for him to drive.  I am a firm "SAFETY FIRST" believer!!  So we rescheduled for tomorrow.  He will be given his last rights and Jim will baptize my boys so that Daddy can be present for it!

BONUS:  Pita's Dad is coming to see him tomorrow!  He is really looking forward to see his Dad.  He was very excited when I told him Dad was coming to see him tomorrow.

Sleep well and rest up Pita...see ya in the morning!

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