Saturday, October 29, 2011

Last Rights

Today my Dear Cousin Reverend Jim and his wife Franny are coming to administer Pita’s last rights.  He will also be a complete sweet heart and baptize my kids FINALLY!  It’s about time we have it done, they’re only 7!  So we will have it done now so that Pita can be a part of it.  We discussed it quite often over the past few years and we wanted to get it done but life was always so busy and it just got put off on the back burner!  Well today is the day and I know Jim is going to do a wonderfully beautiful job.  I trust he will!!!  He is such a kind and caring man, I don’t think I would want anyone else to do this for my precious boys!!  I also wouldn’t want ANYONE ELSE to give Pita his last rights.  Thank you Cousin Jim for your gracious kindness during this entire ordeal.

I am hoping that Pita’s Dad stops by today to see him.  He will be THRILLED to see him even though he is a bit under the weather today.  The last time they saw each other was Sept 3rd at the boys 7th birthday party so a visit is most certainly in order!  I look forward to seeing Pita’s face when his Dad walks in the room.

So here I am just lightly spiffying up the house while the boys are playing on the computer and the iPad!  

I went and checked in on Pita and another dreary and damp day means a VERY BAD day for him.  He is achy all over his body but he simply doesn’t want his medication right now.  I will go up in about an hour and offer it again and he may be ready to take it then!

Anyone that took the time to read today’s entry, I was wondering if you could do me a small favor?  Since he is receiving his last rights today, I was wondering if you could you please post a little “prayer type” reply to him so that I can read them to Pita later so that he can hear that there are others who love him and are praying for him and his dear family.

Thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers through all of this.  WE ALL appreciate it!  HUGS TO ALL!

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  1. Lord, Please end the suffering for this family and make Chuck's passing a peaceful one in his sleep. Take him into the loving folds of your arms as a father would cradle his child in love and protection. Help the boys and Jeanne to move through this and see it as not an end but a beautiful beginning of a new and pain free spiritual life for Chuck. Let Jeanne know that you are there holding her up through all of this that she is carrying right now. Help her to know that her Pita is going to be OK and her and the boys will be OK. Help her to know that Chuck will be with her and the boys through all of the boys milestones and accomplishments. Ease her sorrow and help her to celebrate all that Chuck was in this life and all he will be in the next. In Jesus name I pray this to you Lord. Amen.