Sunday, October 30, 2011

Last Rights/Baptism today. Busy Day!

Pita received his last rights and while we had the opportunity we went ahead and baptized the boys!  Pita and I always wanted to get it done but we never got the opportunity.  It was a private little ceremony that was held right in Pita’s bedroom at the foot of his bed so he could be a part of it!  This made me feel so good that he was able to see them FINALLY be baptized.  I know he is happy with it as well.

My sweet and wonderful Cousin Jim was able to perform both the last rights and the baptism for me during his visit today.  And truth be told, I am so glad we waited until HE was able to do this for us.  I always wanted him to perform the baptism and I am so glad he graciously agreed to do it for us under these circumstances.

To Franny and Jim…..THANK YOU SO MUCH JIM.  I know if Pita could tell you himself, he would shout it with me as well.  Your kindness through this entire ordeal is beyond words for me!  You have no idea how much I appreciate you and Franny as our family and part of our lives.  I can never repay you.  Thank you both!

To my sil Peggy…..Thank you Peggy for ALWAYS being an important part of CJ and Michael’s lives.  You are always there for good, bad and everything in between!  You say that everything happens for a reason and I have to say when it comes to the family…I believe you.  Pita and I met and married for 2 reasons…CJ AND MICHAEL!!  GOD sent me CJ and Michael so that I would be ok and stay strong during Pita’s illness.  He sent you into our lives to help support us the way you do and you do it best!  Thank you so much, I can not begin to imagine our lives without you in it.  Don’t you EVER leave us!!  EVER!!

To Dad…..Thank you so much for coming to see Pita today.  You made his day, it brightened him up even though he may not have showed it. When I saw his face when you walked in the room, I knew he was happy!!  Thank you for making him happy!

To my sister Maria….Thank you for coming and being a part of the baptism.  You have no idea how much I sincerely appreciate your kindness and love ALL OF MY LIFE!!  I am so happy YOU are my ONLY big sister!  I love you!

To Anthony and Katie….Thank you very much for coming and seeing Pita today.  He was looking forward to seeing you guys all day since I told him this morning that you guys may be coming to see him today.  Thank you for making Pita smile!!  WE LOVE YOU BOTH!!

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  1. Sounds like the people who meant a lot to him were there.. and even his quiet smiles proved that.
    I hope some crazy stories were shared with the boys.