Saturday, November 12, 2011

Thank You note....

Dear friends, I wanted to stop in tonight to thank each and every one of you for your kindness, support and love through this entire ordeal.

I not only lost my husband a.k.a. Pita, I lost my very best friend!!  He truly understood me better then anyone ever has before.  I would give anything to hear his "I love you" whisper just one more time.  The last time he said it to me was Saturday 11/5/11.  The last time we kissed was 11/7/11.  I will FOREVER keep those bittersweet memories with me as I travel this road alone with my kids.  My husband was a true artist and did some very fine works of art but he left me his best work yet....his kids!!  I cherish the love we shared together for 15 years.

My boys have been simply amazing through all of this.  They are actually happy and at peace within their own hearts that Daddy is in NO MORE PAIN and he is now cancer free.  My son CJ told me "Mommy, the angels HAD to come and get Daddy's soul because they KNEW the cancer would soon invade his soul!"  Michael told me "Mommy, Daddy traveled 16 miles to get to Heaven and he is happy now!"

Since his passing on Wednesday 11/9/11 at 8:20am I have seen the brightest stars in the sky hanging with the moon.  See my husband told me once that he applied for a job at NASA when he was 10 (yes hysterical I know) and he ALWAYS wanted to be in space with the astronauts and now FINALLY he is flying free.

I wanted to share this with you.  My husband put up one hell of a fight with this demon.  The night before he passed he was very bad and gasping for breath and his boys felt the need to go to him and tell him "Daddy, if you want to go home, it's ok because we understand why and we are going to be fine!"  I know darn good and well he didn't want to go that night because he knew how chaotic it would have been for the boys and I.  Instead he chose the next morning AFTER the boys were on the school bus on their way to school.  He KNEW I needed to get them in school to die so I could go spend some time with him while at peace and have enough time to get the arrangements made without upsetting the boys any further then they were.  He ALWAYS had a way of knowing what was best for his family.

So he remains in my heart, my life, my mind, my SOUL until my last breath and then we can be together again.

Again, a heartfelt thank you to EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU for everything along this journey.  I love all of you.

If anyone would like to view his obituary, please feel free to do so at

R.I.P. Charles Julius Voegtle Jr 10/9/51 to 11/9/11, you are FOREVER our husband and BFF, father, son, brother, nephew, cousin and friend!

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  1. Jeanne,
    Your boys "allowing" their dad to go, shows how well you and the case manager prepared them for this sad event.
    And you are right.. he did purposely wait for them to go to school, because he knows how important a routine is for them.
    Yes that is what a dad does.
    Things, especially the little ones, will take on a special meaning. Just like they do when a child points things out to you.
    Even in the last few days, your strong family bond helped everyone to 'understand' the best you could.
    The next adventure begins in his memory.