Sunday, November 13, 2011

Cop’in a feel!!

I was sitting here on the couch talking on the phone to my sil Peggy and the boys were about 2 feet away from me playing on their electronics.  All of a sudden something (or should I say SOMEONE) touched the side of my right boob!!  Yes I think he needed to cop a feel!!  I looked up and said “Um you should have done that last night.  You know the kids are here so stop it now!!  Later my love, later!!”

Even in death you are one horny devil!!  Maybe you will come to me in my dreams and make one of the wild ones come true!!  ::::wink, wink::::

The boys are bathed and ready for bed.  They are grabbing a bit of tv time watching Curious George and then it’s off to bed.  They are going back to school in the morning and Michael’s teacher, Ms. Campisi, said she would have an extra eye on the boys over the next few weeks.  The whole staff is really good over there and I am sure they will be ok tomorrow for their first day back.

They really have been AMAZING during this whole thing.  They are actually happy that you aren’t suffering anymore.  They are very sad that you are no longer here but comforted at the same time that you are peaceful and happy in Heaven!  When we went to Target tonight they were looking up at the sky for you and it was a very cloudy night so they were a bit disappointed that they couldn’t see you (twinkling star) looking down at them.  They said “Maybe Daddy is camouflaged right now!”  They cracked me up!!

Anyway today was a better day for me all in all.  I didn’t cry as much today as I have since Wednesday.  I hope for sweet dreams tonight and you BETTER be there and ready my love!!  G’nite Pita, I LOVE YOU!

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