Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cupcake Day at school!

After being in a serious funk last night I managed to take my advil and ambien and got to sleep all night however I still feel like I didn’t sleep through!  I am getting tired of not sleeping at night and feeling like DIRT the next day or sleeping all night and waking up and feeling like I NEVER slept!!  GGRRRR, when will it end!?

Anyway I got up and got the kids off as usual and I just got done baking 2 batches of cupcakes for school.  I did one batch vanilla with chocolate frosting and the other chocolate will have white frosting.  I was thinking of you smelling them and running up out of nowhere and saying “ooh, cupcakes!  I just have to taste them to make sure they are safe for the kids to eat!  It’s a dirty job but someone has to be brave enough to do it!”  ROFL  You used to crack me up!  Now who is going to taste them???  I need to know they are safe for the kids!  LOL

I am going to do the pine cones TODAY after I get done frosting the cupcakes.  It shouldn’t take me that long to do them.  Truth is I just didn’t feel like doing it yesterday.  I just had a really bad moment and was in a funk from that point on.  I think I tried to do too much too soon!  I missed you and got overwhelmed!  I was a blubbering mess after that!  My heart was shattering everywhere I looked.  Each elf reminded me of you, I found pics of your 50th birthday, the tree said “Pita”, and when I hung your stocking…that was it for me!!  A TEARY EYED BLUBBERING BABY MESS I was!!

I have to go frost those cupcakes before I forget and then I am taking a frosted batch and an unfrosted batch.  Those kids won’t be too happy if that happens!!  I will be back my love!!  831!!

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