Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Another visit

My sil Peggy called and said that she was with Pita and he didn’t look good at all.  That he had no idea she was there.  His BF from down the street came over while I was on the phone with her and we decided to go see him with the boys.  When we got there another friend of his from his job was visiting with him as well which I am sure he enjoyed.

I noticed his breathing was much more labored during my second visit and when I brought it to the nurses attention, she gave him some morphine and his breathing seemed to calm a bit more before I left for the night.

I have an appointment in the morning to go before I go see him tomorrow.  I can’t wait to see him again to tell him how much I love him!!  I am hoping to have a better night sleep tonight then I did last night in spite of my throbbing headache!!  Gonna try and check in tomorrow during the day and update you.

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