Saturday, November 19, 2011

Getting ready

Yeah I know I got up WWWAAAAAYYYY too early but I just couldn't sleep any longer knowing what today was!

I took my shower, got dressed (yes I have deodorant on...LOL,) and I got the 2 coffee pots ready so far.  Remember the BIG 30 cup sucker you bought me about 10 years ago....well I am ANGRY because today is the first time I have had to use it!!  Why couldn't we break this sucker in before today?

So here I sit with Mimi and Shellby just enjoying the sweet sound of silence UNTIL the boys wake up.  Then the house will be a bit more normal.  I told the boys that if they DO NOT want to sit through the service because it is too much for them then they can go upstairs BUT they must respect the services for Daddy and Uncle Jim who is helping us pray for you and play quietly in their playroom.  I hope you don't mind but I think that is better then forcing them through a service that could give them the heebie jeebies!  Maybe I am right, maybe I am wrong....but I feel it's the best option to give the boys.  The Childrens Bereavement Counselor said that was a great option to give to the boys and NOT force them to do something that could set a very bad tone for them for their day.

So my final thing I want to say before today is ..... could you please send ME your strength for today?  I really need you today.  Send me a secret sign that you are here please.  Could you keep watching over the boys today and make sure they are ok today also.

I will be back later to let you know how I did....I love and miss you!!  831

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  1. Hope todays service brings you some peace and more support from family and friends.
    the idea for the boys to step out when needed was indeed a good one.
    Heck it is hard enough on adults to be able to sit through a service sometimes.
    plus this way, it is also a positive memory of their dad's service... not Mom made us sit through it.. but we were able to hear Uncle Jim, go upstairs for a bit and then have some food and say hello to our visitors.
    thoughts are with you today