Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Christmas in Outer Space

Been a few days since I last wrote to you and I had a minute before I have to run out again so here it is…..

I am just about done with the front window.  I just have to put the stars in and another cloud or two then Christmas in Outer Space is complete!  The tree is up with the lights on it and 1 decoration LOL! I have to glitter the pine cones and hang them with the flags and bows for the boys!  They wanted to do the tree this year in gold and silver pine cones and American Flags!  I have no idea how that is going to look but it sounds interesting!  Just think of it as 4th of July in December!  Same as Christmas in July only reverse!!  ROFL

Most of the Christmas decorations are up around the house.  The Elves are here, in place and ready to report back to Santa!  The boys and your stockings are up.  I found the plush Santa’s you got the boys 2 years ago … you know the ones when you squeeze the right hand it says “Remember, the magic of Christmas lies in your heart!”

I wish you were here to see all the decorations that are up.  Everything looks so nice but it is very depressing at the same time.  I just want you back so badly and I know you will never return to me that it is killing me inside.  My heart is broken that you are gone and I miss you like CRAZY!!!  I would give ANYTHING to have you with me and the boys this Christmas.  I may not make it through this holiday season without a TOTAL MELTDOWN!!  I think out of ALL the Christmas’s in my entire life, this is going to be the single hardest one for me!!  Thank goodness for the boys to keep my focus where it needs to be…on them!!

I love and miss you DEARLY!!  831 Babe!

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  1. The boys will help you remember the magic and find a way to cherish each and every memory.